Green Beings is an eco-veggie-conscious-pop band, writing and performing humorous and incisive songs about responsible food choices and the environment.

Green Beings is Vance Lehmkuhl, Paul Nordquist, and Amy Guskin. Here, you can sample the music, read the lyrics, and see our CDs. In addition to their public performances, Green Beings have been heard on radio stations nationwide on the Dr. Demento show.

Vegans, vegetarians, locavores, flexitarians, and environmentalists are grooving to the sustainable, climate-friendly, carbon-neutral, non-toxic, low-impact, locally-sourced, socially-conscious, cruelty-free songs of Green Beings.


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The top songs of Green Beings, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the band. Collects standout tracks from Garden Variety, Electric Green and the maxi-singles, plus three all-new extra-crunchy bonus tracks!