Green Beings - Original eco-veggie-conscious-pop music

I Can Drive 55

Music and lyrics by Vance Lehmkuhl
From the album, "Electric Green"

Poppin the power on and you're rollin out
Driving with attitude is all about to come
Back in Style...

Zero to sixty just watch the gauge
Try to beat the spread on every stage
of every mile...

Rate is the distance over time
But the rate that's prime
Is the M - to the P - to the G -
to the Max!

I. can. drive. fifty-five!
Miles a gallon
If I let it roll to forty-four
Ain't lookin for a medal
But I got a score to settle
So I'm gonna float that pedal
Just a little bit more

Life in the right lane could make you find your mind
Rollin on with the time to unwind
from the crunchin' grind

Taking every curve faster than the last
Goosin it smooth and we're coasting fast as
I toe the line

Crest the hill - take the foot off and glide
Down as the needle clocks out to ninety nine point nine

I. can. drive. fifty-five!
Miles a gallon
If I let it roll to thirty-three
Get on a highway and you know I am
Lookin for that traffic jam
Cause then no one gives a damn
And I'm free to be me

In former days
I'd bolt the light
And outrace you
To win that primal fight
But now I don't
Even care 'bout that
Cause mine is a better, bigger, longer-
lasting stat

I don't want to boast
Also don't want the world to roast
I coast to do the most
I don't just coast to coast

I. can. drive. sixty-six!
Miles a gallon
If I slow on down to twenty-two
I see you comin in the rear-view mirror, pal
But a man's gotta do what a man's got to do

I. can. drive. fifty-five!
Miles a gallon
If I cut my speed to fifty-four
I wound up born in the USA
Who could ask for anything more

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