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— Paul Nordquist

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Holding the Bag

Music and lyrics by Paul Nordquist
From the album, "Garden Variety"

You forced me to buy a big bag full of chocolate
This bag of nice chocolate you said we should buy
Then you ran away, left me holding the bag
And all I can do now is sit down and cry

And say why? Why? Why did you leave me?
Why? Why? What did I do?
Mmm, mmm, that's some good chocolate
And if you were here I would share it with you

Now maybe you'd like a big caramel cluster
It's chewy and sweet, and there ain't any more
This white chocolate cherry has your name right on it
But since you're not here, well, that's what friends are for

Tell me, why, why, why did you leave me?
Why? Why? What did I do?
Mmm, mmm, that sure is good chocolate
And you're not around, which is too bad for you.

So now you've crawled back, saying where are my chocolates.
Well you should have thought that afore you ran away.
When a person's all heartbroke and feeling abandoned
A bag of sweet chocolates won't last half a day

I said why, why, why would you leave me?
Why? Why? What did I do?
Why would you leave me with all of this fine chocolate
When I really just wanted to share it with you

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