Green Beings - Original eco-veggie-conscious-pop music

Peas in a Pod

Music and lyrics by Paul Nordquist
From the album, "Electric Green"

Sam and Julie met at a bookstore cafe
It's one of those things that was destined to happen
They hit it off just about right away
Drinking too much coffee and talking and laughing
They had so much in common it's beyond belief
No way! You are kidding me! Oh my God!
Sam said, It's like we're cut from the same cut of beef

Julie said, I'd prefer to say we're like two peas in a pod

Chorus: Peas in a pod

Well, I don't like peas! Well, I don't like beef!
Next thing you know it's a big food fight
About what's good for you and what people should eat
And you must be wrong 'cause I know I'm right
Guess we're not as alike as we been thinking
We walk by the light of two different torches
We're like bacon and Canadian bacon

Julie said, you mean apples and oranges

Chorus: Apples and oranges

Sam's all alone saying, what's the big deal?
I love that girl, but I can't seem to please her
My heart's been filleted, thrown on the grill,
And then tossed back into the downstairs freezer
I can't work it out, what do women want?
They ask for "well done," then they can't stand the heat
Some passerby said, I'll be totally blunt
It's your figures of speech, man, they're too full of meat!

Sam said, baloney! The stranger said, look --
You can sit here and stew, or you can give it a try
Just practice one day with my veggie phrase book
This is low-hanging fruit! It's as easy as pie!

Chorus: Easy as pie

You can call it corny
We call it amazing
Julie and Sam are a perfect love match
Sam learned a whole new style of phrasing
Now he's picking all his metaphors from the vegetable patch
Tomatoes are best when they're ripe on the vine
Let's start fresh and turn over the sod
The fruit of love is sweeter than wine
And you and me, well, we're just like two peas in a pod

Chorus: Peas in a pod

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