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99 Ways to Make a Difference

Take a train, take the bus, walk, skate, run, jog



Animal Free

Because free is what every animal wants to be

Cheese Shop of Horrors

Welcome to my cheese shop, I hope you're fond of cheese

Food Pyramid Mania

Your shopping cart victory dance is immature

The Green Generation

We're like a big broom that's sweeping the nation

Holding the Bag

This white chocolate cherry has your name right on it

Hot Dog

You know, sometimes fatter is better than leaner

I Can Drive 55

Life in the right lane could make you find your mind

I No Longer Steal From Nature

Words by 11th-century Arab poet/philosopher al-Ma'arri

Jesus Was a Flexitarian

Every spiritual leader through time has had an eating plan to help us reach the sublime


With so many treats so neat complete and sweet to eat why bother to have a cow?

Lips That Touch Liver

Your eyes are so handsome, your nose is divine, but...

Mad Cow Farm

With a mad cow here and a mad cow there

Meat Doesn't Grow on Trees

A cost greater than special sauce

Meatberry Pie

They had wranglers roping berry-cows — their whips were stained with juice

Monster Killer Curry

Not typical outcome. Your weight loss may vary.

Not Milk

The dairy men laid down the law

Peas in a Pod

The fruit of love is sweeter than wine


I think it's worth remarking that plants don't run

Slippin' the Food Chain

We're livin' lower on the food chain

So Many Reasons

I see a world sitting round the table

Some Monks

Some Hollywood and Bollywood hunks are vegetarians



Water Water

Bad water's rising and spilling too far, it's already at our back door

We Can Make Soup

What can space station astronauts do when they're tired of sucking astronaut food out of tubes?

Where Do You Get Your Protein?

A plant-based diet, it's so good that everybody oughta try it

Workaday Blues

It could be worse - my cousin works in science

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