Green Beings - Original eco-veggie-conscious-pop music

Water Water

Music and lyrics by Vance Lehmkuhl
From the album, "Electric Green"

Water, water, everywhere, and not enough to drink
It seems we've thrown in everything but forgot the kitchen sink
We use it and abuse it, but it's later than we think
Water, water, everywhere, I wish it didn't stink

We know we can't wait for help from on high
It comes down to me and you
Water, water, what're we gonna do?

Water, water's going fast. We have to change, but how?
We scratch our heads, but there's one thing we know right here and now.
For every bit of food produced by sun, and dirt, and plow
It takes a hundred times as much to fatten up a cow

Bad water's rising and spilling too far
It's already at our back door
Water, water, what're we waiting for?

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